“Michael is a fantastic creative talent – and the benchmark against which I will measure future creative teams. He’s the all too rare breed of Creative who brings both brilliant strategic and creative thinking to every assignment, turning complex business challenges into elegant and effective solutions – the kind of solutions that clients quickly and thoroughly get addicted to.

Where others like to skim the surface, Michael completely immerses himself in the client’s business and products, which explains why – time and again – he delivers work that is unexpected, strategically sound, and squarely delivers against the business needs of the client.

DIRK HERBERT, SVP Strategy & Planning Draft FCB

“In ‘Searching for Paradise,’ writer-director Myra Paci has created a film of delicate emotions and techniques packed with enough muscle and freshness to compare favorably with such recent coming-of-age films as ‘Tadpole’ and ‘Igby Goes Down.’

Susan May Pratt (‘Center Stage’) gives a full-blooded performance as Gilda, a recent Michigan high school grad who loses her father (Michele Placido) and spends her time mooning over a moody actor (Chris Noth) and brooding over the revelation that her dad wasn’t as noble as the Dante poems he loved. Gilda visits her grandparents in New York, ostensibly for Granddad’s birthday but really to see if she can find the actor. She does, but only after a flirtation with a PhD student (Jeremy Davies).

Paci’s touch is delicate and precise, sometimes floating off for poetic little reveries, sometimes cutting surgically to the most hurtful truths. The film has a sense of life lived and observed with care. It makes the future works of its writer-director and star worth looking forward to.”

SHAWN LEVY, The Oregonian

“As their name implies, SLAP has brought life to the Kaiser Permanente brand in a whole new way. The Open Enrollment they did for us this year helped us find our voice in a very competitive health care marketplace. Their work is both strategic and beautiful; they’re able to take complicated marketing problems and create compelling stories for both consumer and B2B audiences. And, they are a lot of fun to work with!”

MARCY MORICONI, Director, Member Marketing Communication Kaiser Permanente

“Michael is a brilliant creative partner and a great guy to work with. He has the deep expertise in developing great advertising, a great eye for design and recognition of big creative ideas, the collaborative skills to work highly effectively with clients, the patience and tact that keeps things moving forward. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael on the award-winning “Keep Evolving” campaign for iShares – and I look forward to working with him in the future….” January 20, 2012

PETER BOLAND, SVP Brand and Advertising at Charles Schwab

“Myra Paci and her cast help ‘Girls Night Out’ maneuver along a thorny path for its 32 minutes. One night in downtown Manhattan, a middle-aged man asks two college-age girls up to his loft for a glass of port and a look at his Max Ernst collages. Is this merely the eternal story of the dirty old man? Surprises are in store over the course of the long night. Daniel Von Bargen, a familiar movie and TV villain, here plays a character with some layers. For the girls of the title, Paci makes the most of Anna (‘Girls Town’) Grace’s hard edges and of Rosario (‘Kids’) Dawson’s warmth.”

BETSY SHERMAN, The Boston Globe